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  • Gaylia Tanner

Special Education Funding Explained

I have represented the Learning Disabilities Association of Utah (LDAU) this past year on the Utah PTA Special Needs Committee. This committee is a coalition of special needs groups, parents and teachers. The goal of this committee is to assess what elements, programs and resources are needed for local PTA units and schools to help meet the needs of children with special needs and their families and teachers across the state and to help them feel included and valued.
Eight months ago the discussion in the committee was focused on special education funding and the fact that many people in the state did not understand well, how special education funding works. We wanted to help by providing information in a clear and user-friendly way. We began working on putting the basic points together, covering what we felt would be the most helpful. We asked for suggestions and input from committee members, the Utah State Board of Education and the state Board. A graphic designer added the designs and color to help each detail stand out. We hope this will help parents, teachers, school administrators, and state legislators better understand how special education funding is used.


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