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Gaylia Tanner

More toys are sold every year just before Christmas than any other time of the year. Anyone purchasing toys for the child in their life, should buy all toys with safety in mind. Does the toy have parts too small, that could be swallowed, sharp edges that could break the skin of a young child, projectile parts, or lead in the paints?

In recent decades, lead has been trickling into the United States via toys manufactured in China and other less-regulated countries. Recalls or product warnings due to lead content have included: Crayons made in China, china tea sets for dollhouses, painted toys imported from Mexico and China, and lead figurines used in adventure games for children and teens.

(Facts stated in the book – Children & Environmental Toxins, What Everyone Needs to Know- By Philip J. Landrigan MD and Mary M. Landrigan, MPA)

Purchase toys from well know sources and companies. Be cautious when purchasing toys from individuals online and your local second-hand stores. Even with the well-known toy companies, when ordering by mail, examine all toys carefully before giving them to a child.


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