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  • Edward A. Martinelli, Ph.D.

Employees requesting Accommodation

Edward A. Martinelli, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Director, Learning Disabilities Testing

For many, the process of requesting accommodations in schools is one that is familiar and the people to contact is well understood. For individuals in employment settings, it can be more difficult. Part of that difficulty relates to more complex way of requesting accommodations, determining whether one meets criteria under ADA and Section 504, and even about whether the employer is required to provide them.

Helpful information on this employee-related process can be found at the Job Accommodation Network (or JAN) at They have helpful information both for the employer and the employee. Since our focus is on individuals with disabilities, let’s look at the employee process. Even in this, there’s a slight difference between when you are a job seeker and when you are actual employee. Today, let’s just focus on when you are an employee.

The JAN site has a helpful review at The PDF version is attached. This is a 8 page guide about determining whether you and/or your employer qualify, helpful hints on how to request accommodations, how much information is likely necessary, what accommodations can be requested, how employers can respond, and negotiating accommodations. Finally, it gets you connected to an organization that can help if you have questions.

JAN - Employees Practical Guide to Reque
Download • 567KB


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