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Be Informed in Utah

Gaylia Tanner

Monday, January 28th marks the beginning of the Utah State Legislative Session. The next forty-five days will be jammed pack with many bills. It is essential for everyone to be informed about what is happening on capitol hill. What happens here affects us all in our state. If you do not know who your Representative or Senator is, click on this, It will give you a menu, select district, and map. It will have a place for your address and zip code. Your Representative and Senator will appear. You can use the same site to find various bills, the calendar and search for the various committees. I also store the Utah State Legislature in my toolbar for easy access.

Look at the bills your legislators are sponsoring, read them over, if it is something you want to make a comment on either for or against, email or call your legislator. Always state you are a constituent and give your name and address. Once you have sent an email to your legislator, you will receive information from them when they provide updates to their bills, and you will have notice of their Townhall Meetings. They do keep track of how constituents feel about specific issues.

Look at all of the information on the legislative site, most sessions on the floor of the Senate and the House are recorded live streaming on your computer and so are many of the committee meetings. You can gain a great deal of information by merely listening from home. The local newspapers and your evening news will try to recap the most important bills. Many times a significant bill will slip by at the very end when they want to finish up the session quickly, and they are the very issues we all should know more about.

Be informed, follow what is happening and take some interest and call or email. Our legislators need to be held accountable for what they vote for, and we need to let them know what we want. Be an informed constituent, and it will help you to be a better-informed voter. When you follow what your legislator does, you will know if you want them to represent you when they come up for re-election.


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