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Editing is a skill that is hard for many children and adults. There are so many things to remember. Knowing where to start becomes overwhelming. A very simple way of teaching self-editing skills is the use of COPS. I explain to my students that just like cops in the real world help us follow the rules, th…

This is an Interactive Post Folks!

Daniel Britton of London, was tired of his teachers and classmates thinking he was lazy or slow. Even after telling them about his Dyslexia, he realized they just didn’t understand what he was talking about, so he used his talents to design a font to show them how it felt to have dyslexia. The fon…

Summer Is A Great Time To Get Organized

School is out for the summer! Now that you don’t have homework wars to wage with your children, what will you do with all your time? Well, summer is a great time to organize records for your child. Why is it important to keep an organized file of all of your child’s records? Having all the records toge…

Dr. Rick Lavoie Holds Our Attention for an Entire Day

by Deborah Young, Ed.D., 
Executive Director, The Literacy Action Center

On Friday, March 6th, seventeen of us, along with 148 teachers and parents, spent the day with Dr. Rick Lavoie at the LDAU’s (Learning Disabilities Association of Utah) 2015 Conference, held at th…

LDAAmerica – YouTube

Check out LDAAmerica – YouTube for information you can use on all things  LD related.…

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